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Bhutto ‘killers’ shown in film images

A Pakistani television channel has shown what it says appears to be pictures of Benazir Bhutto’s killers, adding to the controversy over how the 54-year-old former prime minister died.

The blurred images of a two men in the crowd at the rally on December 27 during which Bhutto was killed were aired on Saturday night by DawnNews TV

The pictures, shot by an amateur photographer, appear to show a young, clean-shaven man, wearing a waistcoat and dark glasses, move towards the bullet-proof vehicle in which Bhutto was standing through the sunroof as she acknowledged the cheers of jubilant party activists.

Standing closely behind the young man is a man who is either in Arab dress or has a piece of white cloth draped around his face. DawnNews suggests that this man may be the suicide bomber.

The first image shows the two men looking straight into the camera.

Another image appears to show the young man with an outstretched arm pointing a gun at Bhutto. He is just a couple of metres away from the politician’s vehicle. One of the party activists clinging to the vehicle seems to have spotted the man, Dawn suggests.

The third image shows activists around the vehicle ducking their heads in reflex to perhaps a shot or an explosion. Unfazed, the young man is still in their midst.

Pakistan’s interior ministry says that Bhutto died after fracturing her skull by hitting the sunroof of her armoured car, as she was thrown into the car by the bomb blast. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) insists that its former leader was killed when an assassin fired three shots at close range and then blew himself up.

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Flash Player powered google map!! Sound Exiting


Today I was roaming around google map and seen new feature ‘street view’ of google map. This feature gives you 360 pan views of city streets.

I found Google chose flash player to deliver this feature. Flash Player will rock.

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“NIIT” A new RIA institute in India


Finally it come up !!!

I have seen often people are asking for flex training center in india. When I met priyank at Mumbai flex user group meeting, he told that NIIT is working on this curriculum. Since our talk with him nothing had came.

Three to four (6th Dec 2007) days back I was reading “Times of India” at home. Suddenly I got excited by seeing one advertisement of NIIT institute about new courses for “rich internet application”. They will cover Flash CS3.0, Flex, Dreamwewer and coldfusion during this cource. I really don’t know insight of this course. Click on below image for more information.

I think this initiative help fresher to pickup flex and flash technology very fast. Even this will help to blow RIA technology.

For more information mail and rush NIIT telephone lines (1800 180 8448).


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Success story of initRIA


Well, formally conference title was initRIA so, please might be expecting more talk on RIA and around technology. But most of the people talk on flash platform except Rakshith who talk on ajax. Session started with Raghu’s presentation and ended with “Birds of a feather” under dim light.

Mrinal had organized my session earlier but I reach venue very late [my mistake -( ] so, he had rescheduled all sessions and put me on second half. People enjoy first half with Raghu, Rakshith and Yash’s session very well.

In lunch break we had dominos pizza with coke :-). Once again people grab there seat and show started with InstaColl’s presentation. All the session was amazing and well organizes but I really delighted with InstaColl’s presentation. They demonstrated their upcoming online office suite. take a look this, this, and this. It was so good that every one clapping in during presentation.

It was really nice time. I personally appreciate Mrinal and all other head involve in this success of initRIA.

Thanks adbul for caught initRIA on camera.