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Yahoo! Shortcuts WordPress Plugin Features Overview

I have just installed the Yahoo! Shortcuts WordPress Plugin to my blog, and I will use this post to demonstrate what it does. First, the installation was straight forward, no different than installing any other plugin in WordPress. Once you activate the plugin you will find it when you write or edit your pages or posts in the upper right corner. It searches for possible matches while you type, letting you know how many matches it has found.

The plugin automatically integrates a variety of APIs to your blog, including maps, stock charts, product reviews and photos.

Follow the Jump for the complete list of APIs and at least one example of each.

  • Flickr Photos – Get Creative Commons Photos related to your content for your blog posts, automatically. I looked for photos about the Battle of Manassas from the civil war, and a ton of photos came up. I picked one of the stone house used as a hospital during the battle (I live in the area).
  • Yahoo Maps – Anytime an address shows up on your page, you can link to or embed a Yahoo! Map, showing that location. For example, I live in Manassas, Virginia. Other popular locations like the Washington Monument may show up as well.
  • Yahoo! Financial – Get stock quotes, chart and company overviews, again, in a link or embedded into your post. Comcast is my internet provider…as you can see, it provides a link to a stock chart, I can also embed it directly into my post.
  • Products – Type a product name and let Yahoo find reviews and places to buy the product. Looking for an Xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii? Look no further.
  • Autos – Get information on cars and trucks, like the Toyota Prius or the Nissan Rogue . (Those 2 are for you, Michelle!)
  • Current News – Blogging about Barak Obama? Well, when you type his name, Yahoo! Shortcuts finds recent news and photos about him, automatically.
  • Web Search – Allows you to link to a Yahoo! web search on key terms in your blog. Search for Yahoo Shortcuts! or Google AdWords by clicking on the link.

You can choose what content you want to display. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the dashed-blue-underline represents the Yahoo! Shortcut.

There is the obvious fact that you are sending traffic to Yahoo! without getting paid. I don’t really like that aspect so much. This will limit it’s use on this blog.

I think the coolest and most useful feature has to be the Flickr photos API. Finding free photos fast that relate to your content is a pretty sweet feature. I think this is a good enough reason for me to keep the plugin enabled on my blog.

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