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Ecommerce Tips

Basically, ecommerce can be defined as the buying and selling of products or services online. Ecommerce has many advantages over traditional “brick and mortar” companies. Consumers can quickly and efficiently browse through hundreds of products or services without ever leaving the comfort of their home, or compare prices and products with the click of a button.

There are also several advantages for the online vendor. For Example, the web provides world wide exposure for smaller companies that typically would not be able to reach a global market. Also, various web technologies allow you to gather statistics on your customers and create custom individualized marketing material.

Here are a few helpful tips for increasing your sites ecommerce potential:

Promote Impulse Purchases
When a potential customer is searching for a particular item, it’s a good idea to also show them related products. For example, if the item is a book you may also want to show your customer additional books written by the same author. This is a common tactic utilized by some of the most successful ecommerce sites such as

It’s also important to associate related items to one another. If your customer is about to purchase a new digital camera, you would also want to show associated items such as memory cards, batteries, or other related products.

Another great method for encouraging impulse buys is to offer limited time only specials. A potential customer is much more likely to make a purchase if there is a limited time frame on the offer. This tactic may also persuade potential customers to shop from you, rather than your competition.

Provide In Depth Product Information
Potential customers want to see detailed descriptions and pictures about the products they are considering purchasing. Since your customer will not be able to actually view the item, it’s a good idea to provide as much information as possible. However, you must be careful not to overwhelm your audience with a plethora of technical information. A good technique is to provide an additional information or product specification page for each item.

Make Shipping Easy
Make the shipping process as easy as possible. Expensive and confusing shipping charges are some of the largest deterrents when it comes to potential online customers making a purchase. It’s a good idea to provide a shipping cost calculator, or allow your potential customers to view shipping charges prior to their actual check out. Another great technique is to offer free shipping on multiple item purchases. This not only encourages the customer to buy the product at hand, but the purchase of additional items.

Incorporate Good Design
Last, but certainly not least, a compelling website will create a sense of credibility. Customers don’t want to make purchases from a website that is poorly constructed. This is especially true for ecommerce sites, because sensitive data such as credit card information is exchanged.

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