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Introduction to CSS3



Introduction to CSS3

W3C Working Draft, 23 May 2001

This version:

Latest version:

Previous version:


Eric A. Meyer

Bert Bos (W3C)

and software
rules apply.


The members of the CSS&FP Working Group have decided to modularize the
CSS specification. This modularization will help to clarify the relationships
between the different parts of the specification, and reduce the size of the
complete document. It will also allow us to build specific tests on a per
module basis and will help implementors in deciding which portions of CSS to
support. Furthermore, the modular nature of the specification will make it
possible for individual modules to be updated as needed, thus allowing for a
more flexible and timely evolution of the specification as a whole.

This document lists all the modules to be contained in the future CSS3

Status of this document

This is an official introduction, issued by the CSS Working Group, which
details the modularization of the CSS3 specification and the CSS test suite.
This document should be considered to be informative, not normative. See the
Style overview pages for more information on W3C’s work
on style sheets, including CSS.

This is a public W3C Working Draft for review by W3C members and other
interested parties. As a draft document, it may be updated, replaced, or
obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use W3C
Working Drafts as reference material or to cite them as other than “work in

A list of current W3C Recommendations and other technical documents
including Working Drafts and Notes can be found at

Please send comments to the
mailing list (see how to
) or to the editor.

Table of contents

1. Why Modules?

As the popularity of CSS grows, so does interest in making additions to
the specification. Rather than attempting to shove dozens of updates into a
single monolithic specification, it will be much easier and more efficient to
be able to update individual pieces of the specification. Modules will enable
CSS to be updated in a more timely and precise fashion, thus allowing for a
more flexible and timely evolution of the specification as a whole.

For resource constrained devices, it may be impractical to support all of
CSS. For example, an aural browser may be concerned only with aural styles,
whereas a visual browser may care nothing for aural styles. In such cases, a
user agent may implement a subset of CSS. Subsets of CSS are limited to
combining selected CSS modules, and once a module has been chosen, all of its
features must be supported.

2. Module Overview

All modules contain a “Conformance: Requirements and Recommendations”
section. Any module whose table row is backed with green is considered part
of the “CSS Core.” The listed deadlines (backed in red) represent the time at
which a module should be ready for Working Draft publication. There are also
columns which indicate a module’s participation in each of three “profiles”:
HTML Basic, CSS3, and SVG. A module without any indicated module
participation is at risk of being dropped from CSS3 before it reaches
Proposed Recommendation status. A module without a listed editor is backed in
yellow, and is in serious danger of being dropped.

Module Editor(s) HTML
Syntax / grammar / etc. X X
Selectors Tantek Çelik, Daniel Glazman, Ian Hickson X X 5 Oct 2000 26 Jan 2001 1 Mar 2001
Values, Units Håkon Lie, Chris Lilley X X
Value assignment / cascade / inheritance Håkon Lie X X
Box model / vertical Bert Bos X X
Positioning Bert Bos X
Color / gamma / color profiles Tantek Çelik, Chris Lilley X X 22 Jun 1999 5 Mar 2001
Background Tim Boland X X
Line box model Eric Meyer X X
Text / bidi / vertical alignment Chris Lilley, Michel Suignard X X 17 May 2001
Ruby Michel Suignard X 16 Feb 2001
Font properties Chris Lilley, Michel Suignard X X
WebFonts Chris Lilley X
Generated content / markers Håkon Lie X
Replaced content Eric Meyer X
Paged media Steve Zilles X 28 Sep 1999
User interface Tantek Çelik X 16 Sep 1999 16 Feb 2000
Tables Bert Bos X X
Columns Håkon Lie X 22 Jun 1999 18 Jan 2001
SVG Chris Lilley X X
Math Angel Diaz
BECSS Michel Suignard 4 Aug 1999
Media queries Håkon W. Lie X 4 Apr
17 May
SMIL Debbie Newman
Test Suite Eric Meyer X

3. Module Descriptions and Related

3.1. Introduction

This provides a general overview of the specification’s goals, as well as
basic notes on how CSS works, acknowledgments, and so forth.

  • 1. About the CSS2 Specification
  • 2. Introduction to CSS2

3.2. Syntax / grammar

A way to attach arbitrary properties to a hierarchically structured
document or other data structure, with the characteristic that it has
built-in “forward-compatibility” (a.k.a. “extensibility”).

3.3. Selectors

Describes the selectors of CSS3. Selectors are used to select elements in
an HTML or XML document, in order to attach (style) properties to them. The
draft includes the selectors of CSS1 and CSS2 and extends them with new
proposals that allow, for example, elements to be selected based on whether
they contain a certain word, or whether they are the only element of their

3.4. Values & units

Things which are applied to values.

3.5. Value assignment / cascade /

How properties interact, and the core of how CSS operates.

3.6. Box model / vertical

The box model describes the basics of the normal text flow, including how
to “float” blocks of text or images, but excluding columns, tables, and other
advanced layouts; i.e., it describes how text and other objects are strung
into lines, and lines into blocks (paragraphs), and how those blocks are put
below each other or side by side with the help of margins and borders. It
treats both horizontal text and vertical writing modes.

3.7. Positioning

This describes the process of placing an element someplace other than it
would normally be in the normal flow of the document.

3.8. Color / gamma / color profiles

In general, basic color descriptions and color handling in multiple
environments. The color profiles section describes how two properties can be
attached to embedded images to specify their “color space,” which is the
information a renderer needs to paint the right color for each pixel. It
should do away with the annoying problem that images, especially GIF and
JPEG, but sometimes also PNG, look different on a Mac than on a PC, or other

3.9. Colors and Backgrounds

A description of how element foregrounds and backgrounds are formatted.

3.10. Line box model

A description of the line box model for inline elements, and the inline
content of block elements.

3.11. Text

Description of the handling of text in user agents. Includes bidi,
vertical alignment, text decoration, line breaking, etc.

3.12. Fonts

Description of the handling of fonts in user agents.

3.13. Ruby

A draft that contains proposals for new style properties for typographic
traditions that have so far had little attention in CSS, such as vertical
Japanese and Arabic. The CSS working group is cooperating with W3C’s
Internationalization working group on this.

  • The Internationalization CSS WD

3.14. Generated content /

A description of how content is generated and markers are displayed.

3.15. Replaced content

A module explaining how replaced content is handled and what qualifies as
replaced content.

  • ???

3.16. Paged media

Extends the properties that CSS2 already had with new ones to control such
things as running headers and footers, page numbers and print-style
cross-references (“see page…”).

  • 13. Paged media
  • The CSS3 Page WD
  • Running headers and footers
  • Cross-references
  • Float : gutter-side/fore-edge-side
  • Floating boxes to top/bottom of page

3.17. User interface

Contains features for styling some interactive, dynamic aspects of Web
pages: the look of form elements in their various states, more cursors and
colors to describe GUIs (graphical user interfaces) that blend well with the
user’s desktop environment, and a proposal for “kiosk” mode.

3.18. WebFonts

Authors continue to clamor for “more control” over their pages, and the
fonts used in presenting them. This module will attempt to provide a way to
make fonts more Web-friendly.

3.19. ACSS

An attempt to make styled content even more accessible.

3.20. SMIL

An attempt to link CSS and SMIL together.

3.21. Tables

The tables module contains the properties to lay out boxes in rows and
columns. It allows a designer to assign roles like “table,” “cell,” “row,” or
“caption” to boxes and provides for various alignments and border styles.

3.22. Columns

Proposes new properties to create flexible column layouts.

3.23. SVG

A format that expresses shapes (lines, circles, splines, etc.) in an
XML-based language and their style (fill color, stroke width, etc.) in CSS.
This should make it easy to create text and graphics in the same style simply
by using a single style sheet for both. SVG uses several existing CSS
properties, but also introduces new ones that may or may not be useful for
styling text. It will progress to Recommendation as a separate specification,
but the (new) CSS properties are coordinated with the CSS working group.

3.24. Math

An attempt to provide style properties for mathematical expressions. This
will obviously be deeply linked to the MathML specification.

3.25. BECSS

A proposal to use the CSS syntax and CSS’s system of cascading and
inheritance to attach “behavior” (rather than style) to elements. Behavior in
this context refers to any dynamic changes to the style or the document in
response to user events, such as clicks and key presses. The behaviors
themselves are expressed as pieces of script, in languages such as

3.26. Media queries

To describe in more detail what type of devices a style sheet applies to,
this document proposes media queries. A media query consists of a media type
and one or more expressions to limit the scope of a certain style sheet.
Among the proposed media features that can be used in expressions are
“width”, “height” (size of the display), and “color” (color depth of the

3.27. Test Suite

Providing implementation guidelines, concrete examples, and user insight
into implementation support, a test suite is crucial to the success of any
specification. Although the Test Suite is a module in itself and has a module
owner, individual module owners are responsible for assisting in the creation
and review of tests for their specific module.

4. Appendices

Some appendices will be split up to go with individual modules. These are:

  • Appendix B. Changes from CSS1
  • Appendix E. References
  • Appendix F. Property index

For example, the changes between one version of a module and another
should be tracked in an appendix to that module, not a single appendix to the
entire specification. Similarly, there should be a property reference for
each module. There may be a single cumulative reference for the entire
specification, although this is not yet known with any certainty. Each module
should also include an appendix listing any dependencies on other modules or

There will also be a few specification-wide appendices. There are
projected to be:

  • Appendix A. A sample style sheet for HTML 4.0
  • Appendix H. Index

5. Module template

All modules should conform to the format defined in the CSS3 editing
[member-only link]. In addition to the definitions of properties
and values, each module contains a list of dependencies on other modules or
specifications, and also provides a list of changes from CSS2.

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Launch of the YOOtools

YOOtheme is pleased to announce the launch of the YOOtools Web 2.0 Joomla extensions. In addition to the YOOtheme templates YOOtools is dedicated to bring you premium Joomla components, modules and plugins to enhance your website experience! All YOOtools extensions come with some amazing features.

* Include their own exclusive stylings right out of the box
* Can be used with YOOtheme templates or any other template
* Come as native versions for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5
* Any other Joomla! Modules can be loaded inside a YOOtools module. This exclusive new YOOtools feature makes any module combination possible. For example you can show the latest news, a random product or login inside any YOOtools module. Think about it!

Here is a quick overview of our current Joomla extension lineup: YOOcarousel, YOOaccordion, YOOslider, YOOdrawer, YOOtoppanel, YOOlogin, YOOsnapshots

YOOtools is an exclusive service for YOOtheme members-only. A membership gives access to all YOOtheme templates and YOOtools extensions. So jump on and join the YOOtheme club today.

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Web 2.0: Sports Sites Get Social

With football season heading into the final sprint and basketball season warming up, sports fans are heading online in droves to catch the latest news, analysis, opinions while certainly not shying away from wanting to express their own opinions. Fans can always browse to traditional popular sports destinations such as or, but let’s review what new innovations from the Web 2.0 movement such as social networking and social news has brought to the world of sports news. We’re going to take a look at several sites incorporating more social features while trying to immerse you into their sports community.
FanNation is the biggest social sports site around, probably due in a large part to their relationship with and the prominent billing they have there. Unlike some of the other sites that follow the Digg-inspired user submission of news, FanNation aggregates news itself by pulling in content from sources around the web for the major sports including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. News is broken down into three types. The most prominent type is the “Truth & Rumors” section, the sports world’s gossip column where you can also get the standard news from “NewsScout” as well as news affecting fantasy sports. Members of the FanNation community can rate the articles and provide their commentary. Members can also track their favorite teams (TeamTracker) and players (PlayerTracker) and have the news relating to those topics delivered to them automatically. FanNation provides the traditional message boards throughout the site and some newer social networking features like friends, user profiles, private messaging, blogging, and groups.
The FanNation aggregation is impressive. I’ve been a frequent visitor of the site for a while now and I hadn’t even realized until recently that you couldn’t submit news yourself. The content is usually always fresh and interesting and the discussions are very active (this is sports news though; I don’t make any claim for the intelligence and maturity of the discussions). One thing lacking were news feeds. You will have to come to their site to get all of this content (except for a member’s blog), a very web 1.0 way of providing content. There’s also a lack of transparency about how news gets to the top, the ratings aren’t very helpful (no rating count for example), and there’s very little information about where exactly the news comes from, in other words, it doesn’t feel very user-driven.
BallHype is the newest site reviewed here, launching this past spring, and it has been a great addition to the field. Like FanNation, BallHype is an aggregator, but BallHype is pulling from all of the top sports blogs on the web, rather than more traditional news sources. BallHype also provides the capability for user submitted stories to be added into the mix. Members of BallHype vote stories up or down by “Hyping” them, which determine which stories make the front page. Members can also take part in a discussion by leaving comments. BallHype slices up the news in many different ways, as you can see from their site map. You can get news by sport, team, player, and city. What’s great about this too is that any way you view the news by, you can get a feed of that. So, for example if I want to keep up with the latest sports news from Seattle, I can visit and see news across all sports and subscribe to the RSS feed to get new news delivered to my feed reader (such as Google Reader or Bloglines).
Again we see the social networking features on BallHype with friends, profiles, and groups. When viewing a user’s profile you can see all of their submissions, comments and voting activity and they provide a ranking system for the top users. In addition to news and social networking, BallHype incorporates game scores and picking into the site, you can get all the latest scores and try to predict the outcome of games. Members can comment on the game itself too from the scoreboard, which is a cool feature, though doesn’t appear to be used much. The game picking is an interesting and probably effective way to get users more involved.
I really liked the flexibility of getting news on BallHype and the user-driven power of the site. One downside is with the focus of the content on blogs; you will have to go elsewhere for the standard news headlines. But if you’re a sports nut reading blogs, BallHype does save you an awful lot of work in finding, subscribing to and reading the interesting blogs out there.
Yardbarker is one of the three sites in this guide (the others being ArmchairGM and FanIQ) that helped to pioneer social sports in early 2006. Yardbarker’s mission is to provide the latest articles, rumors, videos, discussions, scores, standings and more. Yardbarker is completely user-driven. All content is submitted by members and then voted on and discussed to find the most interesting news.
Like FanNation and BallHype, news is easily broken town by sport and team to let you focus in if you want to. As a member you can submit and rate news, get scores, make friends, but you can’t provide your own original content like on FanNation or BallHype. However, Yardbarker does have some professional athletes writing their official blogs on YardBarker. Greg Oden, the #1 pick in this year’s NBA draft has his blog here.
Yardbarker is utilizing the proven social news methods to push sports news and discussions forward. It’s a nice site that any sports fan would love, and if you’re really into sharing sports new, then this could be a great site for you.
FanIQ puts its twist on social sports by encouraging its members to compile the best statistics, just as athletes do. Points are earned throughout the site by contributing news, writing a blog, and picking game winners. In that sense it’s probably most similar to BallHype, but has a lot in common with YardBarker and FanNation as well. The heart of FanIQ is the “Sports Scoop”, user submitted news from around the web. Once again, users vote and comment on the stories as they come in. FanIQ has social networking too, but their profile pages are probably the most comprehensive allowing members to share all kinds of information about their favorite sports teams and athletes in addition to information about their FanIQ contributions. One new thing that FanIQ does is provide a personality test, known as the “FanMatch” to find similar people.
The emphasis FanIQ puts on the user is great to see. Everywhere you go, you’re encouraged to meet other members, whether it’s the profile pages, highlighting the volunteers on the site, meeting other people that are fans of the same teams you are, and even pointing out people that are not like you (rivals). It has a great community feel to it. Unfortunately, I think the news content falls flat and is not as fresh and interesting as the others.
ArmchairGM, while still focused on providing fans a platform for reading, writing, and talking about sports, takes a different approach by providing a bliki, or combination community blog and wiki in addition to the familiar social network. The latest news, blog posts, and rumors from around the web are not the focus here. Instead, users are encouraged to write their own articles or edit the massive sports encyclopedia. The articles are the community blog where members write, vote on, and comment on whatever sports topic they’d like to discuss. Topics are filtered by sport and team and it is easy to find an area of interest. For the more permanent reference, members can contribute to the Encyclopedia, which is similar in theory to Wikipedia (and in fact ArmchairGM is owned by Wikia, the for profit sister company of Wikipedia), but with a complete sports focus, by adding or editing pages. There are number of other features on the site that keep users involved, such as polls, game picks, a great images collection, quizzes, and ratings. The ratings features is an interesting twist, it lets you rate anything and everything related to sports. Michael Jordan reigns supreme as the top rated athlete, while the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” is the top rated moment in sports history (see ratings here).
For a sports fan, ArmchairGM is a goldmine of fun and interesting information that can provide hours of entertainment as you browse around. The nature of the site makes it one that you’ll come back to every once in a while (to reference the encyclopedia perhaps), but unless you dive into the community and start writing articles or want to contribute to the encyclopedia, there’s not a lot to keep you coming back on a more frequent basis. More simply put, it’s as addictive as the other sites mentioned here.

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Web 2.0 On New .mobi Site

The recently launched mobile phone news service, Cell Phone News 2.0, now has a mobile version, allowing users to keep up to date on their cell phones.

The mobile version carries over most of the features of the main site, and is among the first mobile sites to use Web 2.0 features on a .mobi site.

“Although the Digg-style voting system uses Web 2.0, the latest generation of cell phones can support this” claimed Anthony Butcher, the site’s founder. “Cell Phone News 2.0 readers are amongst the most technologically up-to-date users in the world, so I have no doubt that they can take full advantage of the Web 2.0 features. In the coming months, we are going to see more and more mobile sites using the increasingly advanced features of mobile browsers.”

“At the moment it seems as if mobile site designers assume that they can only use a bit of text and a few links, but that will soon change I hope. This is where the future of the Internet lies, so I hope that web designers start to become more innovative”.

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Web 2.0 Design Process

Web 2.0 Design Process

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Color palette inspiration: web design “brillante”

Color palette inspiration: web design “brillante”

Avevo confessato in un precedente post (Color palette inspiration: l’autunno) di essere entrata nel tunnel della creazione di palette di colori. Poco dopo, infatti, ho pensato fosse il caso iscrivermi a COLOURlovers, almeno per avere un posto in cui salvare di volta in volta quelle – a mio parere, ovviamente – ben riuscite e cestinare le altre e anche per rendere immediatamente disponibile il download in diversi formati.

Alcune tra quelle già inserite (l’ultima, blue freshness, l’ho aggiunta proprio stamattina) sono dedicate al web design.

Pubblico sul blog, per prime, quelle pensate per la realizzazione di siti dai colori brillanti e ad alto contrasto tra loro (in stile 2.0, per intenderci… e per ora ancora ci intendiamo, in attesa che il presagio di morte che rimbalza in rete si concretizzi), anche per esaudire la richiesta di alcuni lettori che erano alla ricerca di palette dai colori molto vivaci.

Forse è superfluo specificarlo, ma è chiaro che la scelta della combinazione di colori da utilizzare non è mai un’operazione puramente estetica ma fortemente connessa alla tipologia di sito web. Buona norma sarebbe conciliare uso estetico e uso comunicativo dei colori, senza perdere di vista l’importanza della coerenza, cromatica ma anche relativa al rapporto tra la combinazione scelta e gli obiettivi (comunicativi, strategici e connessi al brand) della presenza sul web. Ma questo molti di voi lo sanno meglio di me.

no nature #1

no nature #2

no nature #3

no nature #4

green freshness

blue freshness

Full WEB 2.0 API List


Google AdSense Advertising management
Google AdWords Search advertising
Microsoft adCenter Online advertising services
UrlTrends Link tracking and search optimization
Wordtracker Search engine optimization services
Yahoo Ads Online ad management
Yahoo Search Marketing Search advertising platform
Answerbag Questions and answers service
Blogwise Blog and feed search service
SplogSpot Database of spam blogs

Blog Search

Blogwise Blog and feed search service
SplogSpot Database of spam blogs
Tailrank Blog search and news aggregation service
Technorati Blog search services


Akismet Blog spam prevention service
Blogger Blogging services
FeedBlitz Blogs by email service
FeedBurner Blog promotion tracking service
LiveJournal Blogging software
Performancing Blog management
TypePad Blog management
Weblogs Blog ping service
Windows Live Spaces Blog services


Blogmarks Social bookmarking Social bookmarking
linkaGoGo Social bookmarking service
Ma.gnolia Social bookmarking service
OnlyWire Social bookmarklet service
Shadows Social bookmarking and community
Simpy Social bookmarking


30 Boxes Calendar service
Google Calendar Calendar service
Spongecell Online calendar service


AOL Instant Messenger Instant messaging chat service
AOL Presence Online presence service
Google Talk Chat application
IMified Instant messenger buddy
Lingr Online chatroom services
MSN Messenger Chat and messaging
WebAIM Web based instant messaging
Yahoo Messenger Instant messaging


Blue Dot Content sharing community
coRank Distributed user reviews service
Facebook Social networking service
PartySpark Social events service
RockYou Super Wall Content sharing platform within Facebook
Twitter Community site


Email Address Validator Email address validation service
ExactTarget Email delivery services
IntelliContact Email marketing service
JangoMail Bulk email service
Mailbuild Email forms and templates service
Publicaster Email marketing management
StrikeIron Email Verification Email verification service
Vertical Response Email management services Email hosting service
WhatCounts Email management services
Yahoo Mail Web based email system


Employease On-demand human resource management
Google Provisioning User provisioning for Google Applications
Lokad Time series forecaster
NetDocuments Enterprise document management service
NetSuite Business application suite CRM services
WebEx Conferencing and collaboration services


Eventfinder Events calendar
Eventful Events discovery and demand
Spraci Events and clubs database Collaborative event calendar
Zvents Local events search and community


Blinksale Online invoicing services
Currency Rates Currency rates
Dun and Bradstreet Credit Check Credit check
FreshBooks Online invoicing and time tracking
KashFlow Online accounting software
Moneytrackin Expense tracking
NetAccounts Online accounting service
Prosper Peer-to-peer network
StrikeIron Historical Stock Quotes Stock price quotes for US equities
StrikeIron Mutual Funds Historical mutual funds
StrikeIron Stock Quotes Basic Real-time stock quotes
Wesabe Personal finance management and community


Cicero Lookup service for US elected officials by address
Civic Footprint Political geography lookup for Illinois
Democracy In Action Advocacy services for nonprofits Database of US government spending
Follow The Money Database of US campaign contributions
GovTracker Rhode Island state data services
LOUIS US federal documents database
Open Patent Services European Patent Office web services
Sunlight Labs US Congress database service
TheyWorkForYou Track the UK Parliament
Who is my Representative Database of US congressional representatives


Alexa Site Thumbnail Thumbnail images of web site home pages
Alexa Top Sites Web site traffic rankings
Amazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud virtual hosting
Clicky Web site analytics
Compete Internet web site metrics and analytics
Cordurl Geo coordinate translation
Dapper Service for API creation
Domain Tools Internet domain name lookup URL shortening
Ecommstats Web analytics IP lookup
HTML2PDF HTML to PDF conversion
Internet Archive Non-profit Internet library
IP Address Lookup Determine IP address from domain name
Mint Web site metrics and reporting Web site monitoring services
MyNotify Feed publication
Nenest Web forms and application framework
Outune Web map engine
Pingdom Web site monitoring and reporting
Qurl URL redirection
SoftLayer Systems management and monitoring
UnAPI Proposal for web clipboard
W3Counter Web site metrics tools
Webride Attaches discussions to any site
WebThumb Thumbnail image generation
Windows Live Custom Domains Web site administration
Yahoo Site Explorer Web site analysis service

Job Search

Indeed Job search services
SmashFly Job board posting service


ArcWeb Mapping and GIS services
BigTribe Location based advertising
deCarta Location-based services
EarthTools Web services for geographical information
FeedMap Blog geo-coding
Garmin MotionBased GPS services and mapping
geocoder Geocoding services for US Geocoding services for Canada
GeoIQ Geospatial analysis and heat mapping service
GeoNames Geographic name and postal code lookup
GetMapping Aerial photography and mapping service
GlobeXplorer Mapping services
Google Maps Mapping services
HopStop Mass transit and walking directions
iShareMaps On Demand UK Postcode Geocoder
Map24 AJAX API Mapping services
Mappr Photo mapping
MapQuest Online mapping service
Mapstraction Mapping API abstraction layer
MetaCarta Location and geotagging services
Microsoft MapPoint Mapping services
Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping services
Multimap Global online mapping service
NASA Satellite mapping images
Naver Maps Korean mapping service Geocoding service for UK
Ontok Geocode any US address
OpenLayers Mapping API abstraction layer
OpenStreetMap The Free Wiki World Map
Platial Collaborative geographic service
Plazes Location discovery service
Poly9 FreeEarth 3D mapping service
Pushpin Mapping service
Urban Mapping Urban geo-spatial data services
USGS Elevation Query Service Determine elevation based on latitude and longitude
ViaMichelin Mapping, directions, and travel booking
Wayfaring Map creation and sharing service
WHERE GPS Mobile GPS widget platform
Where Is Tim Web Service Location tracking
Where2GetIt Geospatial Non-mapping geospatial services
Where2GetIt SlippyMap Online mapping service
Whereis Australian and New Zealand mapping service
Wigle Wireless network mapping
Yahoo Geocoding Geocoding services
Yahoo Map Image Map image creation service
Yahoo Maps Mapping services
ZeeMaps Embedded maps and international geocoding
ZoomIn Australian mapping service

Media Management

BBC Multimedia archive database
Grouper Video Video sharing service
Orb Digital media remote access and management
Phanfare Photo and video sharing service
Streamload Online media storage


cPath Medical database lookup
Kegg Bioinformatics data services
NCBI Entrez Life sciences search services
SeqHound Bioinformatics research database


411Sync SMS, WAP, and email messaging
Aql SMS solutions portal
Clickatell SMS Messaging services
Jaiku Social messaging service
Mobivity SMS marketing messaging service
Movil SMS messaging
PartySync Messaging services
Sabifoo IM to RSS conversion service
SmsBug SMS messaging services
StrikeIron Global SMS Pro SMS messaging services
StrikeIron Mobile Email Mobile email messaging service
Textamerica Moblogs
Trekmail Messaging services
Twittervision Location based data for the Twitter service
Userplane Communication software for online communities
Vazu SMS messaging service


AOL Music Now Music playlist management
Digital Podcast Podcast search Photo and media sharing service
Feedcache Feed caching service
Freedb / CDDB Online CD catalog service Music playlist management
MP3Tunes Music services
MusicBrainz Music metadata community service Music fingerprinting service
MusicMobs Social music service
OpenStrands Music recommendation and discovery
Rhapsody Online music services
SeeqPod Music recommendation service
SNOCAP Digital music marketplace
Soundtoys Visual artists works repository
Tunelog Music metadata management
WebJay Music playlist management
Winamp Customizable music player
Yahoo Music Engine Desktop music player


AmphetaRate News aggregator
ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 Natural language processing tools
Daylife Online News Service
Findory Personalized news aggregation
Macromedia News Aggregator Data access service
Moreover News delivery
NewsCloud Social news service
NewsIsFree Online news aggregation


Backpack Online information manager
Big Contacts Web based contact management
EditGrid Online spreadsheet
Google Documents List Document management services
Google Spreadsheets Online spreadsheets
Numbler Online spreadsheet service
SlideShare Presentation sharing community
Zoho Online office suite


AOL Pictures Online photo management
Buzznet Photo sharing
Flickr Photo sharing service
Fotolia Royalty free stock photos
Google Picasa Photo management and sharing service
imageLoop Animated slideshow service
Panoramio Photo upload site with organizer
Pixagogo Online photo services
Riya Photo search
ShutterPoint Stock photography service
Smugmug Photo sharing service
Snipshot Online photo editing service
WebShots Photo sharing service
Yahoo Photos Online photo service
Zoto Photo sharing service


Criteo Distributed recommendation service
EasyUtil Recommendation service
RapLeaf Portable ratings system
Yelp Local user reviews and city guides


Aonaware Dictionary Dictionary lookup service/td>
City and State by Zip Code Address lookup service
Dun and Bradstreet Research company background data
Bussines Verification Business research services
FUTEF Wikipedia API Third party Wikipedia web service
ISBNdb Books database
Library of Congress SRW Information database search
Microsoft MSDN Technical reference library
OpenDOAR Academic research repository
PhoneVal Phone number validation service
RealEDA Reverse Phone Lookup Lookup address and name via phone
SRC Demographics Demographic reference data
StrikeIron Address Verfication Global address verification service
StrikeIron Do Not Call Telephone number verification
StrikeIron Insider Trading Insider trading transaction information
StrikeIron Phone Number Enhancement Adds address and statistical data based on phone number
StrikeIron Residential Lookup Residential directory lookup and validation service
StrikeIron Reverse Phone Lookup Reverse phone lookup services
StrikeIron Sales Tax Basic Sales and use tax data service
StrikeIron Super Data Pack APIs for variety of reference data sources
StrikeIron US Census Census data information service
StrikeIron Zacks Company Profile Corporate profiles web service
Talis Library 2.0 reference services
UrbanDictionary Slang dictionary lookup
US Yellow Pages Telephone directory
Yahoo Answers Community driven reference service


Alexa Web Information Service Web site information and traffic data
Alexa Web Search Web Search Engine
Amazon A9 OpenSearch
Google Ajax Search Web search components
Google Code Search Code search service
Google Desktop Desktop search and gadgets
Google Search Search services
Kratia Democratic search engine
Naver Korean search engine
Vast Structured web search
Windows Live Search Internet search
Wink Social search service
Yahoo Image Search Image search services
Yahoo Local Search Local search service
Yahoo My Web Search Personalized search services
Yahoo Related Suggestions Search suggestion service
Yahoo Search Search services
Yahoo Term Extraction Contextual search service
AOL Open Auth Authentication services


Amazon eCommerce Online retailer
Amazon Historical Pricing Historical product sales data
Authorize.Net Internet based payment gateway services
AvantLink Affiliate marketing network
CNET Shopping services
Commission Junction Online affiliate programs
DataUnison eBay Research eBay pricing and sales trend data
Direct Textbook Book price comparison service
eBay Online auction marketplace
GoodStorm Online retail ecommerce
Google Base Platform for structure and semi-structured data
Google Checkout Shopping cart services
PriceRunner Shopping comparison engine Online retail shopping
SwapThing Community driven swapping site
UPC Database UPC lookup service
Windows Live Expo Online classifieds service
Yahoo Shopping Shopping services
Zazzle On-demand product creation service


Amazon S3 Online storage services Online file storage
MoveDigital File delivery and management services
Omnidrive Online storage services
Open Xdrive Online data storage service
Openomy Online file system
Tagalag Email tagging
TagFinder Tag extraction service Tag recommendation service
TagTooga Tag based Internet directory


Truveo Video search
Blinkx Video search
Dave.TV Video distribution network
LiveVideo Video repository and user community
Revver Video services
Veoh Virtual television and video network
Video Detective Film trailers, cast, images, and related information
Yahoo Video Search Video search
YouTube Video sharing and search


ClearSpring Widget creation, distribution, and tracking services
Google Gadgets
Netvibes Personalized home page with widgets
Pageflakes Personalized start page and widgets
Serence Klip Desktop gadgets
SpringWidgets Widget platform
TagWorld Social web services
Windows Live Gadgets Online gadgets service
Windows Sidebar Gadgets Desktop gadgets
Yahoo Widgets Desktop widgets
Yourminis Personalized start page


DBpedia Structured query interface to Wikipedia
JotSpot Wiki-style collaboration tools
PBwiki Consumer wiki farm
WikiMatrix Wiki search and comparison service
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