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Drupal and Flex

Its a dual combo package. Drupal the Best CMS and Flex one of the best stable SDK for creating Rich internet Application can be combined to form a powerful and secured web solutions.

Flex :

Flex is a SDK for creating Rich Internet Application. RIA is the base for next generation websites. Everyone wants their websites to be more attractive and pleaseant for readers to read through contents. Many websites want their websites images to be very secured. All these can be done using FLEX SDK. The good thing is that Adobe has released this SDK for Free.

Flex Builder :

Flex builder is an IDE ( integrated Development Environment ) for using Flex. Flex is of coding type. You have to manually write the code and then manually compile them. Flex builder is a tool for using Flex SDK in a easiest possible manner. Flex builder has got all its important functions pre coded. just you need to drag and drop components.

Drupal :

Best CMS. What else to say. i have been talking about drupal in all my postings. 🙂

Combining the power of drupal and flex is the real challenge. one of the most advantageous fact about Drupal  Core is that it has been designed to provide external services. Drupal calls it as node services, taxanomy based services… etc. Once you activate these services these can be retrived and displayed in Flex.

The thing is that adobe uses this technology to show its flex showcase. You can access it through Adobe uses Drupal at the backend and Flex at front end. Drupal provides integraty, security, compaitability,flexibility and Flex provides RIA ( rich Internet Application ).

Overall your site looks different from rest of those billions of websites.

Its Different.