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My Yahoo! Gets Web 2.0 Makeover

Hot on the heels of My.Netscape’s personalized homepage makeover, Yahoo has announced a new version of its own long-running personalized homepage, My Yahoo. It will at first be a private beta, with a limited number of users being offered a beta account at Yahoo’s plan is to gather feedback from those early users and then make the My Yahoo! beta more broadly available – with additional features – over the coming months.

Read/WriteWeb got a sneak peak at the beta and we have some screenshots, along with our initial impressions, below. There is also a screencast available (but for now it is high res and slow to load; I’ll notify you when a better version is up).

My Yahoo! has been Yahoo’s personalized offering to its consumers since 1996. In the preview, Yahoo told me that My Yahoo! is seen as their “narrowcast” option for users, while the frontpage is seen as the broadcast model. However I was also told that, over time, the two homepages will converge. Certainly, the first thing I noticed about the new beta My Yahoo was that it had some of the new features Yahoo introduced last year with its Ajax makeover of And the look and feel is very similar between the two.

My Yahoo! is essentially a user’s dashboard, or start page, for the web. So it shares a lot in common with Microsoft’s, Google’s Personalized Homepage, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Webwag, and many others. However up till now, My Yahoo has been a relatively static personalized homepage – mostly devoid of the widgets and gadgets that populate the likes of Netvibes and Also the design was rather conservative, although to be fair probably much more usable than the other ‘start pages’. Also, My Yahoo was an early adopter of RSS feeds (not full text though).

All in all, Yahoo has managed to keep its many millions of mainstream users happy – but with the trade off of falling behind Microsoft and Google in terms of widgets and ajax interactivity. Indeed we’ve noted a few times before that My Yahoo has plenty of potential as a ‘web 2.0’ start page – and thankfully now we’re starting to see that potential being fulfilled, which is good news for Yahoo’s user base.

New Features

The beta My Yahoo has a fresh new design and some neat interactive features (using ajax of course!). It also aims to make personalization simpler. Some of the new beta features include tools for:

  • pre-built personalized page for each user, based on data Yahoo has already gleaned from their usage of Yahoo properties – the design of the page is closely aligned with;
  • Category pages for topics such as cooking, plus “content suggestions”;
  • Users can further customize their page with drag-and-drop modules, and new four-column and small search box layouts;
  • Feed previews and a full post reader on the page;
  • Editable Personal Assistant with instant access to things like Yahoo! Mail, horoscopes, local traffic, etc;
  • Redesigned modules from Yahoo! and select partners, with games, music, commerce, sports updates, weather, finance portfolios, TV listings, etc;
  • Sharing feature, enabling users to send their My Yahoo! page or favorite modules to friends and family – note, this is very similar to Pageflakes’ sharing feature, only Yahoo told me that their sharing service doesn’t require sign-ups;
  • More “new interactive modules” to come

Also noteworthy is the “hover bubble” (an unofficial term for an ajax-based text bubble). My favorite new feature so far is the MyYahoo Reader, which offers full text (yay!). Both of these features aim to give the consumer more content in the page, without navigating away.

What’s not there currently? Widgets, but Yahoo told me that over time Yahoo! Widgets (aka Konfabulator) will be integrated with My Yahoo.


digg_url = ‘’; As you can see from the screenshots below, the new beta My Yahoo is much easier on the eye than the current My Yahoo. It is very slick and easy to use too. My Yahoo currently gets 50 million monthly users worldwide (their figure) and so it is the biggest “personalized homepage” on the market. As such it is careful about rolling out new ajax and web 2.0 features – in order to avoid the or USAToday re-design backlash from users. Yahoo also says it received “a fundamental United States patent for the invention of personalized start pages” back in 1999, although who knows what that means.

The new My Yahoo is a great improvement already on the old one and we’ll be tracking its progress over the coming months, as it is slowly released to the mass market.

Update: Ex-My Yahoo Boss, Now Pageflakes CEO, Responds to My Yahoo Beta

My Yahoo Reader

Customize colors, columns, etc

Similarities to

Add Content


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Bhutto ‘killers’ shown in film images

A Pakistani television channel has shown what it says appears to be pictures of Benazir Bhutto’s killers, adding to the controversy over how the 54-year-old former prime minister died.

The blurred images of a two men in the crowd at the rally on December 27 during which Bhutto was killed were aired on Saturday night by DawnNews TV

The pictures, shot by an amateur photographer, appear to show a young, clean-shaven man, wearing a waistcoat and dark glasses, move towards the bullet-proof vehicle in which Bhutto was standing through the sunroof as she acknowledged the cheers of jubilant party activists.

Standing closely behind the young man is a man who is either in Arab dress or has a piece of white cloth draped around his face. DawnNews suggests that this man may be the suicide bomber.

The first image shows the two men looking straight into the camera.

Another image appears to show the young man with an outstretched arm pointing a gun at Bhutto. He is just a couple of metres away from the politician’s vehicle. One of the party activists clinging to the vehicle seems to have spotted the man, Dawn suggests.

The third image shows activists around the vehicle ducking their heads in reflex to perhaps a shot or an explosion. Unfazed, the young man is still in their midst.

Pakistan’s interior ministry says that Bhutto died after fracturing her skull by hitting the sunroof of her armoured car, as she was thrown into the car by the bomb blast. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) insists that its former leader was killed when an assassin fired three shots at close range and then blew himself up.

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“NIIT” A new RIA institute in India


Finally it come up !!!

I have seen often people are asking for flex training center in india. When I met priyank at Mumbai flex user group meeting, he told that NIIT is working on this curriculum. Since our talk with him nothing had came.

Three to four (6th Dec 2007) days back I was reading “Times of India” at home. Suddenly I got excited by seeing one advertisement of NIIT institute about new courses for “rich internet application”. They will cover Flash CS3.0, Flex, Dreamwewer and coldfusion during this cource. I really don’t know insight of this course. Click on below image for more information.

I think this initiative help fresher to pickup flex and flash technology very fast. Even this will help to blow RIA technology.

For more information mail and rush NIIT telephone lines (1800 180 8448).


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